When I started this project of supporting Frontier Developments through this domain, I simply had a lot of extra time to devote to making this site, so it seemed logical to pursue the interest as a way to give back to the community and to the company.


However, since opening version 2, I have decided to accept a new career position that will eventually relocate me to Florida in the midst of the theme park industry. A goal I was attaining to achieve in the long run and accepting this opportunity allows me to get there faster than I had planned, but the time I have to devote to this site will no longer be available and my spare time for the time being will be limited.


In talking with the rest of the staff in making a decision on whether to keep this site open or not, they have expressed concern and they feel they would not get the needed support from the company that this site was representing to continue effective operations in a manner which would be beneficial to the community or to the company that is being represented. And I will respect their decision, whether I agree with it or not.


Therefore effective immediately, this site and all it's associated entities will cease operations immediately and be closed permanently along with the domain properties that are associated with it.


I will be transferring the Community Sandbox Showcase Parks, that was started by Frontier Planets, over to my gaming site at Axmgames and will continue with the park projects there.


Axm Vesser,